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Truffles: History, Farming Methods, and Earning Potential

Truffles are a type of mushroom that grows underground. They have been sought and savored since ancient times and have been a cultivated crop since the late 19th century. Most truffles today come from farms, primarily in Spain, Italy, and France. Today, this exquisite delicacy can be grown in the US.

There are three notable species of truffles: the French Black Perigord Tuber melanosporum, the Burgundy Tuber uncinatum, the Italian Alba White Tuber magnatum.

Capital and Profit for Truffle Growing

The returns on truffle orchards vary tremendously, from excellent to ridiculously lucrative. The worst case in a well-maintained one-acre orchard is a yield of at least 50 pounds of truffles over three months.

At a minimum of $300 per pound, you can earn $15,000 per acre per year. Wholesale prices are more realistic at $800 per pound or about $40,000 per acre per year. Under ideal conditions, up to 125 pounds can be produced per year, which, at $800 per pound, is $100,000 per acre. The record production is 200 pounds per acre per year, and with a price that has reached $2,200 per pound, this would be $440,000!

Using the preceding calculation, we at Garland Truffles are confident that $25,000 per acre per year is a reasonable expectation.

Burgundy Truffle Mushroom
Black Perigord Truffle Mushroom

Learn More About Truffles

At Garland Truffles, we utilize the most modern and technologically advanced methods to produce our plants. Inoculation by RFMâ„¢ and production trade secrets are proprietary to the company and are only available to our customers. Our truffle growing company not only sells trees, but we also grow and sell truffles.

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