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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why Choose Garland Truffles?

    With over 45 years of experience, Garland Truffles is the oldest and most trusted truffle tree supplier in the Western Hemisphere. We are the only nursery with proven results. Our customer service is second to none.

  • How Do You Inoculate the Trees?

    The trees are prepared using a combination of licensed procedures from France and our proprietary RFM™ technology to help produce a high yield. These are our trade secrets.

  • Are Deer a Problem?

    Deer will occasionally pull out of the ground a young tree that has not had a chance to root. They may also nibble on the budding leaves of the trees. We have developed methods to help control these behaviors. Spray the plants with deer repellant. 


  • Do You Offer Any Grower Assistance?

    For growers purchasing trees from us exclusively, we will recommend a maintenance regime free of charge.

  • How Do You Test Your Plants?

    Upon pickup or delivery of the truffle-infected tree seedlings by the purchaser, three for every 500 plants will be examined by Garland Truffles. The purchaser may select the plants from the supply batch and attend the examination. This investigation aims to prove and document the presence of the fungus on oak and hazelnut seedlings through microscopic examination. The visual presence of mycorrhiza generally determines this. The examined plants are not part of the ordered quantity.

  • Can I Grow Them in a Greenhouse?

    Truffles have never been successfully cultivated in containers or a greenhouse.

  • Where Are the Producing Orchards and Who Inoculated the Trees?

    The majority of producing orchards of Tuber melanosporum in the US are in the MidAtlantic. The trees were inoculated by Garland Truffles. Attempts to grow truffles elsewhere and by other nurseries have very limited success to our knowledge.

  • What Growing Experience Is Needed?

    At least gardening experience is required, but some farming skills will prove useful.

  • What Is the Minimum Size for an Orchard?

    Typically, the minimum size is one acre with about 500 trees. We do not recommend planting less than 54 trees.

  • Have Any Orchards Failed and Why?

    The primary reason for failure has been abandonment and improper care. Orchards in the wrong geographic and climatic conditions or trees prepared by others that are inexperienced have also failed.