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The Truffle Experts

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Experienced Commercial Truffle Grower

Maximize your farmland and profit on relatively few acres by cultivating truffles. Garland Truffles is here to help you assess the suitability of your planting site and put your gardening or farming experience to good use. We are the most experienced and successful commercial truffle grower in the Western Hemisphere, supplying inoculated nursery stock. Send us an email to learn more about our services and current prices.


Facts About Truffle Farming

  • Significant capital, time, and labor are required. 
  • It is not recommended for the casual backyard gardener. 
  • A minimum of 54 trees is recommended to begin truffle farming.  
  • One or more acres with approximately 500 trees are considered a commercial venture. 
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Our Services 

  • Consulting 
  • Workshops (By Appointment) 
  • Orchard Visits, Including Seasonal Hunting 
  • Tasting 

We Stock and Help You Obtain the Following

  • Irrigation Supplies  
  • Mulch Materials  
  • Biological or Chemical Pest Control Solutions 
  • Truffle Nutrients 
  • Truffle Inoculated Trees

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Why Choose Garland Truffles

Since 1979, Garland Truffles has been in the business of producing truffles. All our trees are grown in-house, not by a third party, using proven scientific methods. Our tree prices are more competitive than anyone else in the industry. Additionally, we provide hands-on consulting services for orchard methodology, maintenance, pest control, disease control, chemical stimulants, and dog training.

At Garland Truffles, everyone benefits when you produce truffles. More clients are cultivating truffles on their property each year, and we buy back all suitable truffles at wholesale prices.

Our Guarantee

Garland Truffles will not do the following:

  • Force partnerships backed by silent third-party foreign investors that will use the sale of your land as an exit clause if your orchard fails or production hasn’t started within a certain time frame 
  • Ask you to pay us more money and surrender a large portion of your truffles when you begin producing 
  • Recommend you attempt cultivation in areas that we deem unsuitable (except for experimental purposes)  
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Call us at (919) 732-3041 for more information about our truffles.

(919) 732-3041