Garland Truffles offers the following workshop options by Appointment Only.

Group Workshops:

Consider a workshop at our farm for the full "Truffle Experience." This all inclusive workshop for up to 16 adults (no children please) are conducted every two months or so, generally on Saturdays. Workshops start promptly at 10:00 a.m. and last approximately 5 hours.

The workshop begins at the home of Franklin and Betty Garland. We require the signature of a non-disclosure agreement when you arrive here at the farm. You will be provided with a Tour Packet, as well as the book, Truffle Cultivation in North America, by Franklin Garland.

During our 2 hour technical presentation, we comprehensively cover everything from understanding what truffles are, to the science of truffles, to successful truffle cultivation techniques. Throughout the presentation, snacks, including truffle butter and truffle cheeses, and refreshments are offered. After the presentation there is a question and answer period.

Following  the presentation, our truffle tasting lunch is served. The menu varies seasonally, but you will certainly get to try a variety of dishes with ample amounts of truffles. A sample menu may include:

From  lunch we move to view truffle tree root samples under a microscope, where we can observe the nature of the tree and fungus’ symbiotic relationship.

After this, we move outside to walk through the greenhouse where we grow our truffle trees. Then it’s on to our orchard (weather permitting) to view various practical aspects of truffle cultivation. It is highly recommended that you bring adequate footwear for potentially wet/muddy conditions. During harvest season, we can take a trained dog to look for truffles. This concludes the workshop.

Scheduled Upcoming Workshop Dates

Private Workshops

Private workshops are for individuals that are interested in a more personal experience with Franklin Garland. Private workshops are based on availability. Please contact us if you would like a workshop or consultation at your planting site.


The cost of the group workshop is $300 for one person and $400 for two people, payable by check, Visa, or Mastercard. Additional people will be charged $200 each.

The cost of the private workshop at our farm is $700 for up to 2 people. Additional people will be charged $350 each.

We accept Visa, MasterCard, or bank or personal check. Payment is due in advance of the workshop. Checks should be made payable to "Garland Truffles", and should be mailed to the farm address (3020 Ode Turner Rd, Hillsborough, NC 27278) within ten business days of the workshop. You will receive your receipt upon arrival at the farm.

Please email us at (, or call us at (919) 732-3041 to make reservations.

*This is not a venue for children.


Truffle Workshops