Who will buy the truffles?

We will buy the majority of your truffles if you cannot sell them to other mushroom brokers or restaurants. This is not a problem, as the demand far exceeds the supply.


How many people are growing truffles and is the market going to be saturated?

There are about 150 currently in the USA. Historically, the demand has always been higher than the supply, and is expected to remain so for the next 50 years.


Are Oregon truffles the same thing and do the Europeans buy them?

Oregon truffles are a different species with less flavor. They are generally considered inferior and are not purchased by the Europeans.


What determines the price?

Because most of the truffles come from Europe, the price is determined by their production. The lowest it has been since 1992 is $350, the highest $2000 per pound.


What guarantee do you offer that the trees will produce?

There is no guarantee that the trees will produce truffles, because this is largely determined by how you care for the trees as well as mother nature. Note: no effort, no truffles.


If truffles are so profitable, how come there aren't a lot more people growing them?

There are more and more people growing truffles every year. However the demand far exceeds the supply. Also, they only grow in certain climates.


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