Can nuts be grown as well?

The cultivation methods for nuts are different than for truffle production. Small edible nuts are produced, but they are not of commercial value.


Can Italian white truffles be grown?

They have not been succesfully cultivated as of yet, but we offer inoculated trees for experimental purposes. We have supplied trees to orchards that are not yet old enough to show results.


What kind of fertilizer do I use?

Usually none is required, although the soil acidity must be corrected by applications of lime.


What kind of soil is needed?

Various types will work. Please consult us as to the suitability of your soil.


Is irrigation necessary and how much?

Yes - irrigation is almost always necessary. We suggest a low cost drip irrigation system to supplement the water requirements in case of drought. The plants require a minimum of half inch or more of water per week depending on temperature and humidity. Truffles are not recommended in areas dependent exclusively on irrigation.


Can existing trees be inoculated?

Inoculating existing trees is not practical and is strongly discouraged due to the presence of contaminants and exceedingly high costs.


What diseases and insects do the trees get, and what can be done about it?

Garland Truffles uses disease resistant trees. They are not prone to insect damage, but on rare occasions it may be necessary to either use organic controls, such as natural predators, or mild insecticides as recommended.  


How long does it take to plant an acre?

It takes six people approximately one day to plant one acre of plants. The orchard must be prepared before planting. This may take several days depending on field conditions.


What size are the trees?

The trees are in soil in 4-inch pots, and are approximately 8 to 18 inches in height.


How long does it take to get truffles?

Our inoculation methods have had results in as little as four years. Most of the orchards will be in production after six to ten years. The slowest orchards may take up to fifteen years to begin production.


How much water do the trees need?

During the growing season, the trees require a minimum of ½ inch of water per week. It is best if this is normally supplied by nature, but irrigation needs to be available.

FAQ: Growing and Care